Sunday, 23 September 2012

Days of DIY: For the Record

If you have a special friend, the one who is truely hipster and would rather listen to the scratchy sound of "stereophonic" records, and goes on about how it is "real" music, this is the gift for them. 

They may be shocked at the damage you have done to a beautiful record, but just tell them it is scratched and skips their favourite song.

What you'll need:
1 vinyl record. I wouldn't worry what songs are on it, look for a nice centre sticker that will go well with said hipsters deco.

Oops, look- a scratch.

Put your record on some foil, because it is now going to become your vinyl pizza.

Put it in the oven, on around about 180C, till the edges start to warp a little more than the picture above.

Have ready a bowl or jar - this is what you are going to mould the vinyl around. 

Using a bowl will give a shallower, more open bowl whilst a jar will give something with more depth.
When you shape the vinyl, it is quite hot. I used oven mitts that are more like oven fingers- making it more dextrous.
The vinyl does cool down and stay in shape quite fast, so get a wiggle on making it right!

My vinyl formed into a lovely shape. 

The best part I found about using vinyl is that if the shape isn't what you had imagined/desired at the beginning - it's ok! Just chuck it back in the oven to warm up a little bit more and then you can rework it.

Oh Julie Andrews, I do love you. 

I'm going to make the record cover into a card to go along with this gift, you can't waste a record cover like that.

Much love, Laura

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