Thursday, 20 September 2012

Days of Ideas

These are some more pictures from my look book that I want to include in the collection here. Enjoy!

I've definitely fallen in love with Alessandro Mendini's "Magis Proust" chair (the yellow (third picture above) and then multicoloured chair (above)) - it's in my diary twice!
Clear acrylic chairs are high on my like list too - they are so versatile.

Lighting: the horse stands at about 1.5m high. It would definitely take up a lot of room. Block lights would be perfect for entertaining at night, and the copper vine lights are great for a feature on a wall.

Artwork: Collections of classic and modern pieces.

Wallpaper: There are so many patterns and colours! I've seen that you can put fabric as wall paper too, which just doubles the options!

 Mood board: Red

Mood board: Pink, black and everything nice.

Mood board: Green picnic and flower days. 

Mood board: Pastel colours.

Comments? Go right ahead, I'd love to hear from you.
Much love, Laura

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