Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Days of DIY: Red Fridge.

Mission: Update a rusty, dirty old fridge to fit in with my decor and colour scheme.

  The colour scheme: red. Definitely. 

Cleaning the fridge, this was a tough job therefore it required cleaning alcohol and as much elbow grease as I could muster.

  Me, sanding. After cleaning. 

  After a bit of sanding the fridge was looking a lot better. The mark on the right is rust and needs to be fixed with some primer. 

 Prime. A very important step as I was informed. This will make sure the paint stays on well and the rust doesn't come back.

Primed, dried, and ready to be painted. 

After the first coat of paint it is looking stunning already. I simply love the colour. 

Working it's magic, back in place. 

Much love, Laura

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