Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Days of Cream

One colour that is both sweet and timeless;

Just when you thought you had house attire down pat, this comes along. The best mix of night gown and sleepwear, this House Dress is soft and modest, with a hint of appeal.

(Me dancing in joy) A Cropped Tee with some tight braid detail.

Perfect for those up-coming music festivals.

(Preparing myself for some scrumptious baking) 

What would you ever do without pockets in your Apron? Two pockets to be exact. These babies can handle any sort of wooden spoon you put in them. Maybe even a whole cup of flour*.
*hasn't been tested.

Whatever you are using the pockets for, the sweet flower detail will compliment any dress (house dress you mean) when you are serving company. 

These are up now in my Etsy store, click on their links for individual items or have a look at this to view the entire store!

Much love, Laura

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