Monday, 10 September 2012

Days of Interior.

This interior was made on a budget. We found what we could, made a interpretation of what inspired us, and most of all, made it our room. 

I got this lovely cream case from Vinnies Retro in Northbridge, it is the type of case you put your lingerie in when you go away on your honeymoon. This one still had an original container (on the right in the box) for putting lotions in. 

This is Moosey. We made him from tissue paper, chicken wire and an Ikea light. 

Perspex boxes! Make something ordinary look like a piece of art.

From Ikea inspiration - a breakfast in bed table. Made with some whiteboard, wheels on castors and brackets. Very handy for working in bed/watching movies.  

A place to write little notes to each other when we leave at separate times. 

I made this by hanging fishing line from a point near the ceiling, then threading wooden pegs through it at different points, then attached my favourite pictures!

Ikea staple clothes rack. I like my clothes (sort of) colour coordinated. 

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