Friday, 5 October 2012

Days of Presents: The perfect gift.

Are you ever stuck for what to get a friend for their birthday? 
Or just a simple gift to say "thank you", or "just because".

I had a few left over jars, and some spare ingredients so I decided to combine them all together to make a "cupcake decorating set".

What you'll need:

A few jars, I used 4. And some ribbon to tie them all together.

Cup cake paper and tape to hold it all together.

The more colourful and varied the paper the better!

Cupcake decorations: glitter, hundreds and thousands, etc.

Gummy bears and chocolate chips.

Maybe some vodka (it was her 21st)

I spray painted my lids so they were a uniform colour. Maybe I'll use some pink or gold next time.

I started by tying two jars quite close together.

Then added the other jars one by one, making sure they were still quite close.

When they were all closely together, I used the excess to fashion myself a handle.

A simple, colourful, useful present.

This gift could be for anyone - just fill it with their most loved thing or activity and you have a double rewarding present. 
Perfect even if I didn't say it myself.

Much love, Laura.

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