Monday, 1 October 2012

Days of DIY: Marble Painting

I hate to mention it, but Christmas is coming up. Or at least a whole bunch of birthdays (September/October - you do the math) but i've come prepared, and with a little bit of time you can be in the same position.

Marble painting!

That neat little thing you did when you were young and if you were like me, in childcare. What I like most about this is the carefree swirls and colours that you can mix in.

Lucky me I happened to have some left over acrylic paint from when I painted my fridge plus some pink and gold spray paint (for a up and coming DIY) on hand. 

What you will need:

A tub or tray which you don't mind getting dirty, scissors, pegs, paper, a stick or straw for stirring, mineral turpentine, and your favourite colour of acrylic paint.

And something to dry the paper on.

Put about an inch of water in your tray and add some turps to it.

Then, use your straw (or paintbrush etc), take up the paint and drop it into the water. 

The paint should remain at the surface of the water, this allows you to lay your paper CAREFULLY onto the water. The best technique is to bend the paper slightly in the middle and put that down first, then gently pat down the edges to make sure they got some paint on them.

Paint spots and splatter!

Using my straw to gently mix the paint together. The gold was wonderful, once it hit the water it became a sort of gold leaf.

Trusty Hills Hoist.

My creations nearly ready to be shared.

I hope this gives you some ideas for gift wrapping, cards, envelopes.. the list goes on!

Much love, Laura

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