Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Days of Fondant II

I figured out pretty quickly that fondant is excellent. But having a whole stack of cake left over isn't so flash. Plus it wasn't my best cake (sorry dinner party friends, you were my trial group), it was a bit dry. Not my type of cake.

But, problem solved. With - more sugar. 

Joking, but there was sugar. And butter. And more fondant.

Crumbling dry cake into pieces.

Making a butter cream icing. A little bit less sugar than I would normally use (we are trying to cut back, right??)

Mixing until a nice dough consistency forms. Something that can be made into...


Covered in fondant.

Delicious. But only one at a time.

I used left over fondant, plus the fondant from the cake and kneaded it until I had a nice sticky (but not too sticky) icing. 
Then I cut it into large rounds using a glass then placed it over the cake balls (which were about a tablespoon in size, rolled).

I hope you can find an occasion to enjoy such delights!

Much love, Laura.

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