Saturday, 27 October 2012

Days of Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching, and I thought I might get into the swing of things a bit early.

Witches fingers anyone?

To make:
I used a basic biscuit recipe and added a bit of green food dye.

Rolled the dough into fingers sized pieces. The knobbly the better.

The detail is in the nail (chocolate pieces and sultanas) and lines on the fingers. I varied the length of my fingers to make them seem more plausible.

Fresh out of the over. I like how the chocolate nails have gone all bubbly. 

And now to dip them in some gruesome flesh (white chocolate with red dye).

Detaching itself from the evil witch/wizard.

Whilst they look a bit macabre, they taste delicious, and receive just the reaction I wanted when I made them.

Maybe I will make a nose or ear that has been chopped off next time!

Much love, 

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