Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Days of Markets I

I am so excited about my up coming Vintage and Retro Markets I can't contain it anymore. 

Here is a sneak peak of the clothes that will be hanging on my racks Go Go Retro this weekend and Light Up Leedy next weekend!

I'm going to go organise everything now. Does anyone have any tips?

A'hoy Sailor! 

Matching coat and dress, in pink and green.

With the original tag!

Lovely summer dress.

Handmade formal dress, full length.

With an adorable bow at the back.

Much love, 


  1. Oh that yellow dress is amazing. Did that go during the markets?? It should have!! Kel :)

    1. It is gorgeous - and still available!! My Nanna has one really similar, but with little pink flowers, that she got when she left home when she was 16 to become a nurse.


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